Ironman 28 November 2010

Cozumel, Mexico is a United Nations named Island of Peace.

I really took a lot of photos during the race. This year I decided to try to identify the athletes and put them up on a web page as a favor to all of those that participated. For the most part the photos are in alphabetical order by last name. Your job as a fellow Ironman is to notify anyone whose photos you see here, or if you can identify an "unknown" to notify me at and I will include the names. If you see any errors, please let me know. I tried to be accurate, but with many of the numbers difficult to read, I am sure there are mistakes. Congratulations to all of 2500 men and women that participated in Ironman Cozumel 2010.

Juan Carlos Aguayo from Mexico
Raul Aguayo from Mexico

Alexandre Albuquerque from Canada on the left

Fernando Alfaro from Panama. Fernando, please always wear white spandex!
Garcia Amezcua from Mexico
Garcia Amezcua from Mexico again
Javier Arce from Puerto Rico
Diego Arias from Mexico checking the time
Jensen Ayre from the USA
Carolina Banas from Brazil
Arlo Barnes from the USA
Leslie Bartoshesky from the USA

AJ Baucco from the USA

If you see this, AJ, please tell us what is written on your chest.

Heard from AJ and this is what the tattoo says.

"At Marathon arrayed. To the battle shock we ran. And our mettle we displayed. Foot to Foot. Man to Man. And our name and fame shall not die."

Beebe Kelzie from the USA, 12th of the women
Rutger Beke -- last years number 1. First time I ever saw him going less than full tilt.
Paula Bennett from the USA
Paula Bennett again
Sebastian Binnemann from Germany
Martina Bleidissel from Germany
Jonathon Brayton from the USA
Debra Brosnihan from USA
Debra again doing some fine dining.
Patricia Brown (left) from Canada
Kenny Bush from the USA
Pepe Canto from Mexico
Martin Capria from Argentina
Martin Casella (right) from Argenta
Filipe Castilo
Jeff Charette from the USA

William Cherniak from Canada


Alan Chud also from Canada


Adrian Cox from the USA. Can anyone guess what he is jotting down on his hand?
Todd Crandell from the USA
Trevor Delsaut from France
Michelle Densmore from the USA
Xavier Diepart from Belgium
Christopher Domoney from the United Kingdom
Christopher Domoney again -- 61 years old

Paula Drolas from Argentina


Ayn Drye from the USA
John Fell of the United States
Karen Fleming from the United States
Anja Foltin from Germany - on the left
Patricio Foster from Argentina
Michael Fritsch from Austria
Courtney Fulton from the USA
Carey Gandy from the United States
Roberto Garcia from Costa Rica
Vincent Gauthier from Canada on the right.
Nichole Gilinsky from Canada, also.
David Gomer from the USA
Roberto Gomez from Mexico
Juan Gonzalez from Mexico
Elizabeth Granquist from the USA
Dede Griesbauer
Bruno Guimaraes from Brazil
Jason Gunter on the right, from the USA
Delfino Gutierrez from the USA
Fernando Guzman from Mexico

Mel Harris from the USA
Ingrid Hillhouse also from the USA
Kaisa I-Jacobsen from Denmark
Emil Innocenti from Italy
Genevieve Jacques from Canada

Arild Jakobsen from Norway

Frison Jean-Yves from France
Roxi Karol from Argentina
William Keddy from Canada
Ionnis Kossenas from Greece
Teemu Kyllonen from Finland
Daniel Labarca from Chile
Missy Lestrange from the USA. Hard to believe she is in the 50-55 age group.
Ludmila Lobo from Mexico
Maxamilian Longree from the USA. Had to get one more photo of him in.
Hedla Lopes
Alma Loya from the USA being cheered on by Lynda Lee
Antonio Mares from the USA

Luis Martinez, Jesus Gallardo and Luis Garcia - all from Mexico


James McLaughlin from Ireland
Chris Meewes from the USA
Antonio Mejia from Mexico
Andrea Melbourne from the USA
Bruno Miranda, I am guessing from Brazil
Elizabeth Model from Canada
Daniela Moehle from Austria
Benjamin Monk from Australia
Maximiliano Morales from Argentina
Beth Moya on left, from the USA
Theresa Murawski, still smiling. From the USA
Ben Nelson (USA) being chased by Yvonne.
Richard Neulaender from the UK
Erik Nielsen from Canada
Karen Oberman from the USA
John O'Brien from the USA
Demian Olvera from Mexico
Steve Osborne from the UK finished 19th
Arturo Pando from Mexico
Jonathan Pascual from the USA
Alvaro Paz from Mexico
Blain Peerson from the USA
Julie Peerson from the USA
Tomas Petricko from Slovakia and Ignace Deckmyn from Belgium
Tim Phelps from the USA
Dana Pierik from the USA Jaime Mezo to her right
Javier Pineda from the USA
Karen Ponette-Maldonado from the USA
Luciano Prosperi from Italy
Antonio Rada from Guatamala
Manual Ramirez from Mexico
Allesio Ravazzi from Italy
John Reekie from Canada
Adriana Rendon from the USA
Mark Rennison from the UK
Yves Robberechts from Belgium in orange.
Gustavo Rodriques on left from Brazil.
Juan Rojas from Mexico
Kasiana Rosso from the USA. She came in 14th of the women and seems to being getting a kick out of whatever Rick is calling to her.
Filipe Salcedo from Columbia
Kate Samuelson from the USA
Sebastian Sanchez from Argentina.
Eduardo Sarhan from Brazil followed by Samuel Morillon from France
Kimberly Schwabenbauer from the USA
Stephan Schwarze from Germany
Edgar Segura from Mexico
Robert Simms from the USA
Theresa Small from the USA
Brianna Smith from the USA
Reilly Smith from the USA
Kris Stanton from the USA
Dr. Susanne Stoimaier from the USA
Markus Strini from Austria came in 16th
Hideyuki Takanu from Japan
Jacke Taylor from the USA behind Gustavo Gonzalez from Mexico. Sorry this photos is so bad fellows
Luis Topan from Brazil
Philip Toy from the USA
James Tuscany from the USA
Sara Tussey from the USA
Marcelo Vallejo from Argentina
Marcelo Vallejo again, worth a 2nd shot
Elke Vanrenterghem from Belguim
Mauricio Vazquez from Mexico
Hugo Velez from the USA
Mario Villafana from Mexico being passed by Andy Potts
Allan Villanueva from Mexico
Allan Villanueva from Mexico came in 14th overall.
Meinhard Vintler from Austria
Thomas Vonach from Austria. Married to Yvonne who was first of the women
Eduard Walden from the UK
Ruth Whitfield from the USA. Fighting her way on her last lap
Dirk Wijnalda from the Netherlands came in 18th overall.
Scott Williams from the USA in the middle in blue.
Scott Wilson from Mexico
Grace Wong from Hong Kong
John Wragg from Canada
Hector Zavala from Mexico
Emelia Zeller from the USA working through the pain
John Zepeda from the USA
Matthias Ziegler from Germany


I think this is one of the top finishers, but I have no clue who!


Once again, thank you Juen for editing and for your storehouse of island trivia.